Eucalyptus Blue & Lemongrass Combo


Eucalyptus Blue is one of the oils that I always have and used since I started my YL journey. Without Eucalyptus Blue ( & Idaho Blue Spruce), my oils are not complete. I used it more than I ever use RC, Raven or other Eucalyptus oils.

Because of compliance restriction, I can only say : like a life partner, Eucalyptus blue & I always together in sickness and in health.  It supports respiratory & digestive system, increases metabolism, calming and the smell is fresh & invigorating (many of you might cringe at the word fresh, but yes when I first use it, it smelled like wet socks for me too).

Eucalyptus blue is very special, because you can only find it in Young Living, grown in our very own Ecuador farm. And eventhough it has a very high eucalyptol content, its chemistry is very well balanced hence it will not cause an allergic reaction in people who’s allergic to eucalyptol.

Now, I just started using Lemongrass about 10 months ago. It’s no secret among many oiler friends that Lemongrass works really well to improve appetite, especially for the kids. But I’d never try, until once my helper used the lemongrass to massage her legs (to improve circulation). She was like a human diffuser in the house. She used it regularly at night and I was wondering why my kids (who sleep in the same room with her) seemed hungry all the time! I rub it on their soles & tummy before bedtime, and I can tell their portion gradually increase and they request for food much more frequent. Lemongrass works very well in supporting digestive system, circulation, respiratory and urinary system.

When we layer these 2 together, what do we get? A house of VERY powerful immune supports! It is comparable to Melissa, and some says it’s better than Thieves. You know Thieves, need I say more? 😉 So, would you be interested and give it a try?

If you like my articles and would like to purchase the Young Living oils, please drop me a message here or sign up here to purchase.  I would love to support you in using the oils for yourself and your loved ones 🙂

Norce Putri

Advocate for Essential Oils for Emotional & Physical Wellness, AromaLift Therapist, Young Living Platinum Leader, co Founder of Young Living Indonesia Users Community

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