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As you may already know, we can get free 15ml Frankincense for 470pv promo in Singapore this month. Cheers to that, here are some tips I get from fellow Onedroppers on how they use the “King of oil” as part of their oiling routine :

 Tan Kai Hiang

– After shower Frankincense is one of the oils I would use for breast health.
– I diffuse it or inhale through my palms when mood is low and feeling less than inspired
– Applying a drop on the crown of my head helps to awaken the energy and clarity

Faith Teo

– To pamper myself , I steal my mom’s Frankincense and dab on my face  -hahaha- for an added glow
– My mom takes it in Ningxia Red to preserve her youth
– I use it to smoothen my skin of unsightly weird coloured bumps lol

Deny Sentosa

– For my girl, I use it on spine for immunity. Apply on her crown and forehead for pituitary & pineal support (balanced HGH)
– For me, I mix it in my facial wash for healthy skin. Apply on face & over eyes for tired eyes

Diane Hong

I use Frankincense on sun spot on face, back on neck to help me relax and uplift mood & apply on heart when I feel weird on my heart (lols… donno how to describe the feeling)

Jie Yi Lim

I used it for the kids as immune stimulant and for respiratory support.  Immune stimulant – apply on soles. Respiratory support – apply on chest and back

Winnie Fannon

– I use it for my daugter  Epsom salts bath soak
– For me I use it to lighten my pits. I like frankincense over lemon for that
–  Apply on the bumps & zits (oh yuck!)
– I put a couple of drops into the art toner

Enggar Puntowening

– I use Frankincense after my ART moisturizer. My sun spots seems lighter now. Alternately, I layer with Myrrh or Lemon.
– Cupped over my tired eyes, very refreshing!
– Use as last layer on Raindrop to enhance the benefits of the other oils

Gusthinah Tjandra

– Apply on face, mixed with grapeseed oil or YL face lotion, twice a day
– For my son, cupped on his eyes to for healthy eye function. My aunt does the same routine and she loves the result (she used to use eyedrops daily because   her eyes tend to be on the dry side)

Kitty Chen

– 1-2 drop on palm, apply to the face every morning & night after cleanser for beautiful skin
– For my kids 1-2 drop on soles after using other oils , every night
– Less than 1 drop (swipe the bottle) , apply in between eyebrow for healthy eye function
– 1-2 drop on spine for supporting bones.
– 1 drop on brainstem (behind the neck), big toes and crown
– Diffuse to induce a relaxing mood after a stressful day
– Apply frankincense  on kids’ minor boo-boos

Susan Soendoko

– I apply Frankincense on my kids before bedtime along the spine, back of neck, crown, temple and across forehead, rim of both ears, on soles & big toes… This has helped them to sleep soundly and peacefully… Prior to this, both my boys often had bad dreams and cried hysterically during sleep, but after I do this attentively every nights I hardly hear them complaining about bad dreams anymore.  On weekend, when they has longer exposures to youtube and video games and If I forgot to do the oiling routine, I noticed they would tell me that they had bad dream or evidently cries hysterically.
– I apply on kids’ chest & spine for healthy respiratory function
– Other than that I also apply Frankincense just around my eldest boy’s eyes because at school the teacher said he had trouble looking at whiteboard from the back of class while the others could. While applying around his eyes, I swiped a little bit to his cheeks areas too, because he hasn’t got a good history with holes in his molars .  Will update how it’s going with his eyes and teeth later..

Norce Putri

– Mixed with ART renewal Serum or ART moisturizer, alternate with The Gift for youthful looking skin
– Mixed with equal amount Balsam Fir & Copaiba in a roller bottle. I use it for  everyone & everything from tensed muscle, itchy throat, immune support etc. I love the smell too!
– Same as other moms above, apply on kids crown and in between eyebrow  for balanced growth.
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Norce Putri

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