VALOR, for courage!

(Baca dalam  bahasa Indonesia disini)

My first encounter with ecligner last week was PAINFUL. It was very tight, my upper gum bleed and gave me few hours of headache. Lucky I have my oils.

If you don’t know what ecligner is, it’s like invisalign, but (supposedly) less pain and less bumpy, cheaper too.My first week experience kinda made me  traumatized. Putting in on and off actually very easy, but somehow the first one keep hurting me. When I’m off it (before and after each meal), I would apply Frankincense on my gum to ease the stress.I’m supposed to change my tray with a new one every week. So last Wednesday, I was to change to tray number 1b. Since the night before, my heart thumped very hard and I was super stress, imagining the same pain I have to go thru again and again for the next  1,5 year.

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