How I started with Young Living…


When I first started with Young Living (in September 2014), I was looking for some kind of alternative to boost my family wellness.  I never join Young Living because I want to do the business. NEVER. I even hesitated at first, because please lah.. it’s MLM , I was worried if my friends who introduced me to YL will pester me to sell products and recruit people ?

Some might think – because we live abroad – my husband must earn good money and I can freely spend it on everything I want. That’s NOT TRUE. Yes, I am grateful that I don’t have to work and we can still live comfortably within our means, but I also have to budget my spending. (My motto : Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  My other half’s motto : Plan as if you’re going to live forever. We really complete each other, right!?)

With YL, I have to carefully select which oils I wanted to invest on. My husband thought it’s a scam, but I die die want to try so I better don’t cross the limit. And because at that time I only have a few, I learned to really REALLY REALLY MAXIMIZE the benefits of each oil.  I agreed to be added to a FB page, One Drop by my friend Shirley Halim and from there I learned more things that intrigued me. (At that time, I don’t know what is One Drop and that I am a Onedropper too.)

Because I see and feel the results, I started sharing with some friends via chat & Facebook, because living in a foreign country, that’s the only way I can connect with friends and family and stay sane. (FB save my life, thanks Mark! ?)

I only shared what I know and often used  at that time -Lavender, Thieves, Peace & Calming, Eucalyptus Blue, Idaho Blue Spruce, Peppermint , but from those sharing I got some friends interested on trying. I chose monthly membership programme, and the sharing  helps me to fulfil my monthly order.  YL has a very generous monthly promo programmes too, so I got to try lots of other products for free, YAY!
After a couple of months – in January 2015- some friends who have tried the oils asked me about membership & signed up. That month, I hit a rank (executive) and received my first big cheque.

I wasn’t into the business at first, but nonetheless I looked at the compensation plan. The foundation is very easy to understand, even for one who hates number and complicacy like me.
By following the foundation, I’m able to earn some commission that I used to subsidize my products shopping. I was only aiming for a little share (like 65SGD), but once those friends joined me, I actually earned more than 20 times what I expected.  I hit the next rank (Silver) within 4 months and hit Gold  within the next 6 months. If you want to know how much I earned nowadays, check on Young Living Income Disclosure 2015 here.

This has become a life-work & passion for me, I love it and embrace it. Looking back and connecting the dots (ala Steve Jobs),  I can safely say what I’ve been thru in life prepared me for this. And the best part is, I got to do it with full support of my husband (he’s getting ready for early retirement now ?), my kids, immediate family members and off course One Drop. Today, I celebrate my 2nd anniversary with Young Living and looking forward to many more years to come.

If you are currently using Young Living, don’t keep it to yourself.  Share the goodness with others, and may you be blessed with accidental cheques like me ? . I will share more about the “real work” back stage and how YL & One Drop community change my life in another posts.


If you like my articles and would like to purchase the Young Living oils, please drop me a message here or sign up here to purchase. 🙂 I would love to support you in using the oils for yourself and your loved ones.

Norce Putri

Advocate for Essential Oils for Emotional & Physical Wellness, AromaLift Therapist, Young Living Platinum Leader, co Founder of Young Living Indonesia Users Community

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