My 3 Business Tips

Business Tips
To complement my previous story about how I started with Young Living, in this post I’ll share my 3 business tips that I found true and works for me. These tips are not new,  because many YL leaders I know, leaderships coaching I attended and books I read, share these very same tips. Only after I actually do it, I understand what they means.

Have clarity in everything you do. Our WHY will keep us focused, remind us why we do what we do. It is usually something we value, something that is important to us.

I have clarity why I choose  Young Living.
The products work : for me, my family and everyone whom I share it with. I have full trust of the founders’ & company’s  integrity, products quality and the Seed to Seal commitment. Even if I’m not doing the business, I will always use YL products.

I have clarity who I want to share it with.
I only focus on people who really need the products, because of my WHY above. I experience how YL has change my life, empower me as a woman, a mom, a wife. I want others to experience this too. Illegal sellers, poaching, “fussy customers”  doesn’t bother me. They are not the ones I want to focus my energy on. I also won’t force my so called good intention to other people if they are not ready or simply not interested.

I have clarity why I want to build and what is my goal.
I’m building my organization to reach & empower more people as mentioned in previous points. I’m building the business so I can retire with my husband by the age of 40 and enjoying a life well lived with our family.

All my WHYs are connected to each other. During difficult times, my WHY is my anchor.  I just declared myself as a business builder earlier this year, after I read the book The Four Year Career (by Richard Bliss Brooke, from Life Science Publisher). Before that, I too have internal conflict whether to do this as a business or not, eventhough I already enjoyed some passive income. It helps me to find my WHY I should do this and shouldn’t feel bad if I’m “making money” from it. Read the book, everyone, it’s GOOD!!

Eventhough initially I didn’t have the intention to do the business,  I looked at the Compensation Plan anyway.
It won’t hurt to look, and it could help you start your foundation right. Since I had my first sign ups, I follow the Rising Star Bonus scheme. The commissions I got at the beginning help me to subsidise my product purchase. When my friends start sharing, they follow the same Rising Star Bonus scheme and so on. Following the Comp-Plan or not, the efforts to serve other members are the same. The  difference is the commissions that you’ll get.

“Success is 5% onstage works and 95% backstage works” – Darren Hardy

Allow me to share just a little bit of  my 95% backstage work:
– When my organization starts to grow, I have to learn & figure out lots of things that I never thought about before. Shipping arrangement for example, is mentally & physically exhausting, costs us a lot of time & money too. At the beginning, sometimes I collected & lugged back almost 40kg of orders from the office to home by myself, to help my members save shipping fees. I then have to check, unpack and repack each of those orders before forwarded them to Indonesia. That was not practical, not sustainable, but I learned few things from that. (YL recommends few shipping company, but we have our own arrangement now & VERY grateful that the company is willing to accomodate us.)

– I attended product classes & (paid) leadership seminars / trainings anytime I have the chance. Quite often I attend classes I’ve attended before. Some classes are conducted at the far end from my place, I often joke that I need passport to go there. It took almost 2 hours commute by train, or 30 mins by taxi that would cost me almost 30dollars one way.  Some classes / training happened in the weekend. If we’re to conduct classes abroad, usually it’d also be in the weekend too to accomodate working members. If you ask me, off course I prefer weekdays, weekend are family time. But whatever we’re doing, each of us will have to make their own sacrifices : time, money, energy.  We need to make effort for what we value in life.

Fortunately my husband and kids are very understanding & supportive, for letting me not just to be  a mom & wife, but also to be myself and doing something I’m passionate about. Sounds like a real business work ? Now tell me if getting some commission out of all these will make you look bad because it’s an MLM company 😉

Don’t wait for someone else to start first, the initiative can start from you. You can start from attending classes (very important if you ask me, I learned many things from classes not only from what is taught but also from the interaction with others), start reading books, start sharing  your experience with others, then start organizing a small sharing session & invite your upline to teach. Just start something!

As I mentioned above, I have attended many product & leadership classes. Both types of classes helped me grow tremendously: from product classes I learn how to maximize my products usage and benefit, and I can share the knowledge with my members, while leadership classes challenge me to go beyond my comfort zone. I started by  attending 1 class out of curiousity, I never stopped since.

Recently, with the encouragement from some friends, I started teaching my own class & doing video. Queasy tummy, cold hands, flustered in public live video, I did it eventhough I felt like bailing out of it on the last minute. I still feel like running away and hide each time I’m about to teach a class. But the after feeling – even if it didn’t go as smooth as I would love to — is the best feeling ever, because I conquered my fear.

I just started using Whatsapp after I joined Young Living, because it is one of our main sharing platform. Before Whatsapp, my life was SOOOOOO.. quiet & peaceful I often forgot to charge or where I put my phone. After Young Living, I created my own support group, have to change my old fashioned phone to smartphone & my hands are practically glued to it because I have to check messages, conduct online classes and emails many many times a day.

Reach for your uplines for guidance, ask your downline for help if you need support & encouragement to start something. But don’t be discouraged if they are not as excited as you, they might have other priorities at that time. There’ll always be someone who can & want to help you =)

If you like my articles and would like to purchase the Young Living oils, please drop me a message here or sign up here to purchase. 🙂 I would love to support you in using the oils for yourself and your loved ones.

Norce Putri

Advocate for Essential Oils for Emotional & Physical Wellness, AromaLift Therapist, Young Living Platinum Leader, co Founder of Young Living Indonesia Users Community

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