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Last weekend, for the very first time in my family history, I left my two kids only with husband at home while I went to Jakarta to teach. This was not our original plan, but few things happened and we had to adjust. For my husband to be willing to be left alone with two boys (he volunteered!) is a BIG WOW to me and I will share about the reason in another post soon (related to Aroma Freedom Technique taught by Dr. Benjamin Perkus). In this post, I want to share how my husband used the oils while I was away.

Before I go, I created a schedule and briefed my elder son. When to wake up, shower, change undies, request for food etc ? I also prepared some oils on a different rack with instruction for the daddy as follows:
1. First and foremost: Peace & Calming and Joy, apply daily as often as needed for dad & sons.
These 2 oils are super important and MUST HAVE at home to keep everyone in a good & harmonious mood.
2. Lavender & Tranquil for bedtime, to help the kids settle down faster and sleep soundly at night
3. Eucalyptus Blue, Idaho Blue Spruce, RC, Lemongrass, Copaiba & 2 DIY blend, use if needed
4. RDT oils in a pouch, use if needed

Two days before I left, my younger one was a bit warm and under the weather. With intensive oiling, he got better within a day but on the day I left his temperature raised slightly again. Via whatsapp I told my husband to apply Idaho Blue Spruce & Copaiba on his crown, spine and soles.
I have no idea how many times the oils was applied & repeated. What I know is my husband is very careful & dilligent, I have no worry of him slathering the oils liberately on the kids. I want to brag a bit too, that my husband is well trained in doing RDT for wife & kids ? Hence, no worry!
Apparently, the first day went smoothly. They even sent me pictures in the morning & evening when Singapore had the view of magnificent double rainbows =)


Second day, everything went smoothly until dinner time. Little one was sleepy, so hubby decided to order in Taiwanese food. After the meal almost instantly he felt a scratchy throat, and he worried if the kids felt that too. He took the initiative applying RC and Copaiba on their neck and chest, then proceeded to give them some honey and Ningxia Red.
When I reached home midnight, the kids were sound asleep until the next morning, and they woke up without any complaints. Yay!

When I first started oiling, my husband was very skeptical & didn’t want me to use the oils on him. His excuse was because he has sensitive skin, YLEO might be a scam, and if it worked, it’s due to a placebo effect. Sounds familliar, ladies??
After few weeks application on the kids, he saw the result and started to let me use a little bit oil on him. He’d only use the same oil each time (Thieves), only on the feet & only when he felt need to.
Now 2 years later, he has his own oiling routine and actually enjoys Aromalift & Raindrop Massage. He experienced how essential oil changes our life, improving our wellness physically & mentally.

I want to share this story as an encouragement for everyone who just started and want to introduce essential oil to the loved ones. Often times the ones closest to us are the ones harder to convince. Don’t give up. If you believe that the oils work, just use the oils on yourself first and hopefully , eventually they will pick it up at their own times. I found that sharing what I learned from product classes with my husband also help him to get into it faster. He’d google it off course, make sure what I’m learning is confirmed and double confirmed with at least few supportive and antagonist articles ;p


Leaving the two boys at home with their dad last week was a GREAT experience. I could do my work with a peace of mind, husband and kids get to enjoy their quality time too.
Family new level, unlocked! =)

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Norce Putri

Advocate for Essential Oils for Emotional & Physical Wellness, AromaLift Therapist, Young Living Platinum Leader, co Founder of Young Living Indonesia Users Community

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