Oiling the Kids : Clarity


#Smug&happymommymoment  ???

So,  yesterday when I fetched George from school,  his teacher said that he’s been showing a very good behaviour lately. Last month, after 20mins into the lesson, my boy would started day-dreaming (why am I surprised ?), look bored and not very attentive. Nowadays he’s very happy, alert, cooperative and actively participating in the class activity.

So, what’s different? Lately, other than Joy to wake him up, I applied Clarity on his crown before he goes to school. I didn’t expect any feedback from the school, but still this news made my day. ❤️ Off course I told the teacher what’s the “secret”, and she seemed genuinely impressed. Maybe I should bring some for her tomorrow   #parentingwins #empoweredmom

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Norce Putri

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