Some fellow Onedropper and YL builders asked me, how did I build my organization and even grow my Young Living business? Why they asked, because more than 95% of my organization members are based in Indonesia while I’m based in Singapore. And because our business is “people business”, where connection is everything, how do I connect with my team?


While the geographic seems like a challenge, believe me it’s not. It’s never been my real concern. Yes I could not just go out & meet my team members anytime I want, I only get to meet (some of) them face to face twice a year. But even here in Singapore, I don’t see my team members very often because everyone have different priorities. And back in Indonesia – even if they live in the same city, my team leaders & members didn’t get to meet each other as much as we possibly hope. And Indonesia is huge, everyone lives in different cities & provences.

So to connect, we maximize technology. By technology  I mean Whatsapp, which I never bothered to use until I joined Young Living (and I was happily using my old non-smart Nokia phone. Life was so simple and peaceful!?) Via Whatsapp, I talk to my team members daily. Follow up existing members, or simply saying hi to keep in touch is very important for me.

The real challenge is how to do classes, because we can only do face to face classes twice every year and so far only in 1 city. This is very limiting and frustrating, because I believe without education there would be no empowerment. So I started to learn to use Zoom. I am not a tech savvy, seriously. I was very resistant to use Whatsapp at first and with Zoom it’s not much different. But once I started, it just got easier and easier.

Since January this year, I make it a point to have weekly classes via Zoom for my team members. I started small, with me sharing with only a handful of team leaders about anything I have learned from classes & seminars I attended here. After the second month, I invited my uplines ( Faith Teo & Deny Sentosa) to fill in for me when I travelled. I want to keep the momentum going, whether I’m there or not. And God blessed me with many wonderful crosslines too, who are willing to do cross teaching with me.

After inviting uplines & crosslines, I started to ask my team leaders to step up to teach and this time we open it for everyone across my organization.

My brave leaders really stepped up, and let me assure you it’s not without fear. They started by sharing whatever they’re comfortable with, sometimes alone, sometimes partnered with other leaders.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, because it never will be. Never think that you don’t know enough or not good enough. However little you know, it could still be a new information for others, even if it’s only one people.
There’s nothing sophisticated about what we share, but I always feel everyone’s sharing is special because it comes from their own experience and the courage itself is very inspiring.

Now everyone is aware that every Friday night is our Zoom night, they’re always looking forward to it and even join in the room 30mins before the class started ūüėČ

There are some leaders whom I didn’t have their slides here:
1. Ratih Wagiswari, have a very in depth personal experience with hormonal imbalance & immunity, and that becomes her strength when she share her knowledge with others.
2. Stephanie Wongkar also stepped up and shared about her personal journey with skin issues & food allergies, a lot of us can relate with.
3. Dea Nadhia, shared her oiling routines with us, reminding us mommies to take care of ourselves before caring for others.

I fervently hope this simple sharing could inspire your own journey.
For my uplines, crosslines, brave leaders & members, thank you 


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Norce Putri

Advocate for Essential Oils for Emotional & Physical Wellness, AromaLift Therapist, Young Living Platinum Leader, co Founder of Young Living Indonesia Users Community

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