Some fellow Onedropper and YL builders asked me, how did I build my organization and even grow my Young Living business? Why they asked, because more than 95% of my organization members are based in Indonesia while I’m based in Singapore. And because our business is “people business”, where connection is everything, how do I connect with my team?

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Last week tonight, APAC Leadership Summit 2016

1st Day of the Summit
1st Day of the Summit

Last week tonight, me & Kitty just got off the stage after presenting our first international speech at Young Living APAC Leadership Summit 2016 ( I know, such a mouthful!). We were representing Singapore & Indonesia, sharing our first hand experience building Young Living business in a new market to about 200 people from all across the region. It was a very humbling experience to say the least.

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My 3 Business Tips

Business Tips

To complement my previous story about how I started with Young Living, in this post I’ll share my 3 business tips that I found true and works for me. These tips are not new,  because many YL leaders I know, leaderships coaching I attended and books I read, share these very same tips. Only after I actually do it, I understand what they means.

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How I started with Young Living…


When I first started with Young Living (in September 2014), I was looking for some kind of alternative to boost my family wellness.  I never join Young Living because I want to do the business. NEVER. I even hesitated at first, because please lah.. it’s MLM , I was worried if my friends who introduced me to YL will pester me to sell products and recruit people ?

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Compensation Plan Part 3 – Unilevel Bonus




Seluruh anggota Young Living mulai dari distributor hingga Royal Crown Diamond berkesempatan mendapatkan Unilevel bonus. Unilevel bonus dihitung dari pembelanjaan pribadi setiap anggota di dalam organisasi kita, dimulai dari anggota yang kita sponsori langsung hingga 5 level kebawahnya.

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Compensation Plan Part-2 : Rising Star Bonus

rising star


Untuk bagian pertama tentang Compensation Plan – Fast Star Bonus , klik disini.

Now let’s get to Part 2 : Rising Star Bonus.
Untuk menjelaskan tentang bonus ini, saya menerjemahkan cerita berikut dengan ijin Faith Teo, my awesome upline slash mentor slash super funny story teller 😉

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