My name is Norce, I am Indonesian and I have been living in Singapore for 6 years now following my husband. I have two boys, aged 7 and 5, two little monsters who got me into essential oils.  If you’ve heard about color personality, I am a Yellow first and Red comes second. I’m a Scorpio, introvert but outgoing. I love connecting with people, but also need a lot of solitary times. I love listening to people telling their stories.

I was introduced to Young Living by my high school friend in July 2014, and  started my own account only 3 months later in September 2014. It wasn’t my choice but by fate, that I was enrolled under this organization named One Drop. You can read more about One Drop here.

One Drop and Young Living change my life in so many ways possible.

I wasn’t one who cares about health; I ate junkfood for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And because I rarely fell sick, I thought I was invincible. After I got married, I thought I would forever be “just” a mom and wife. I didn’t have a lot of friends since I was following my husband works from one country to another.  

Now, I am the one in charge of my family wellness. My family have been so well, we are meds free for over 3 years now. Education is BIG with One Drop and Young Living, and I learned to make my choices based on knowledge, not fear. Financially, I have also earned income from my Young Living business, growing and on track to retire my husband before we hit 40! I have made lots of new friends and building my organization across the world. 

In March 2015, together with some friends, I co-founded the Facebook group – Young Living Indonesia Users Community. There wasn’t Young Living Indonesia office at that time, but there were a lot Young Living product users and this group serves as a platform for us to share information, tips and education materials in Bahasa Indonesia. Thru this platform, we have vision to touch and empower more lives, so more people could experience the wonder of essential oil, and could made well-informed decision without fear.  

I created this site as a library for all the writings I have shared in the Facebook group.  The posts here have been categorized and you can always use the search function or tags to help you find what you need.  If you can’t find what you need, please send me a feedback thru email  at (, I would love to hear from you!

Other than product usage and tips, you can also find information about membership and the business side of Young Living in this site.

And ah… while this introduction is in English, I would like to “warn” you first that my writing are mostly in Bahasa Indonesia with English articles here and there. We have tons of  wonderful, educative information in English out there, google it! If you want to hear my opinion tho, I am just few types away by email.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I do writing them. If you’d like to learn more or ready to take the next steps towards health, wealth, and freedom in your family, join me here and I look forward to guide you in your journey!


Warmest regards from hot, sunny Singapore,

Norce Putri

One Drop Indonesia Appreciation Dinner. Photo credit : @kittydesigns


One Drop Indonesia Appreciation Dinner Photo credit : @kittydesigns
One Drop Indonesia Appreciation Dinner Photo credit : @kittydesigns


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