Dear all,

As you may already know, we can get free 15ml Frankincense for 470pv promo in Singapore this month. Cheers to that, here are some tips I get from fellow Onedroppers on how they use the “King of oil” as part of their oiling routine :

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Eucalyptus Blue & Lemongrass Combo


Eucalyptus Blue is one of the oils that I always have and used since I started my YL journey. Without Eucalyptus Blue ( & Idaho Blue Spruce), my oils are not complete. I used it more than I ever use RC, Raven or other Eucalyptus oils.

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Power your brain, with BRAIN POWER

brain power indo norce

Teman-teman, sudah pernahkah mencoba BRAIN POWER blend?

Sesuai namanya, essential oil blend ini  ditujukan untuk menunjang kesehatan dan fungsi otak. Kandungannya terdiri dari Frankincense, classic Sandalwood (Santalum album), Melissa, Cedarwood, Helichrysum, Lavender dan Blue Cypress.

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