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Last weekend, for the very first time in my family history, I left my two kids only with husband at home while I went to Jakarta to teach. This was not our original plan, but few things happened and we had to adjust. For my husband to be willing to be left alone with two boys (he volunteered!) is a BIG WOW to me and I will share about the reason in another post soon (related to Aroma Freedom Technique taught by Dr. Benjamin Perkus). In this post, I want to share how my husband used the oils while I was away.

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I left my kids with their daddy for 2 days and these things happened…


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Weekend minggu lalu merupakan hari “bersejarah” buat keluarga saya, karena untuk pertama kalinya meninggalkan 2 anak hanya dengan suami di rumah sementara saya ke Jakarta untuk kelas. Fakta bahwa suami bersedia ditinggalkan sendirian dengan 2 bocah itu (beliau menawarkan diri tepatnya) buat saya RUAAAAR BIASA, dan akan saya ceritakan alasannya lain waktu  (berhubungan dengan AFT / Aroma Freedom Technique). Kali ini, saya ingin cerita dulu tentang oiling routine yang dilakukan suami selama 2 hari tsb.

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VALOR, for courage!

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My first encounter with ecligner last week was PAINFUL. It was very tight, my upper gum bleed and gave me few hours of headache. Lucky I have my oils.

If you don’t know what ecligner is, it’s like invisalign, but (supposedly) less pain and less bumpy, cheaper too.My first week experience kinda made me  traumatized. Putting in on and off actually very easy, but somehow the first one keep hurting me. When I’m off it (before and after each meal), I would apply Frankincense on my gum to ease the stress.I’m supposed to change my tray with a new one every week. So last Wednesday, I was to change to tray number 1b. Since the night before, my heart thumped very hard and I was super stress, imagining the same pain I have to go thru again and again for the next  1,5 year.

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Saya biasanya tidak pernah pakai high heels, apalagi kalo disini kemana-mana jalan kaki, paling nyaman pakai flat shoes. Tapi Sabtu kemarin, centil, pake high heels 3 inci demi matching-in baju buat acara lunch bersama teman-teman Onedroppers ‪#‎SufferForStyle‬‪#‎KillerHeels‬

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