My 3 Business Tips

Business Tips

To complement my previous story about how I started with Young Living, in this post I’ll share my 3 business tips that I found true and works for me. These tips are not new,  because many YL leaders I know, leaderships coaching I attended and books I read, share these very same tips. Only after I actually do it, I understand what they means.

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Essential Oil & iTovi


Dari hari Kamis pagi, saya merasakan gejala-gejala bakal pilek. Selain karena lagi musim flu (ketularan anak), penyebab utamanya saya yakin adalah karena stress. Stress gara-gara mau nyobain live video, udah dibikin hilang pula…  #ehhcurhat

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How I started with Young Living…


When I first started with Young Living (in September 2014), I was looking for some kind of alternative to boost my family wellness.  I never join Young Living because I want to do the business. NEVER. I even hesitated at first, because please lah.. it’s MLM , I was worried if my friends who introduced me to YL will pester me to sell products and recruit people ?

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